HOW it works?

SOLAR KERBEROS - How it works?

The SOLAR KERBEROS was developed to be a high efficient part of photovoltaic systems especially designed for the purpose of water heating through the electricity generated by it. The maximization of electrical power usage is only feasible by high efficient technology of Maximum Power Point Tracking that is incorporated.

More precisely The SOLAR KERBEROS system maximizes the use of electric power generated by photovoltaic panels and combines it with the mains power supply. It is primarily used for water heating by heater element with increased efficiency thanks to Maximum Power Point Converter. The device can be used virtually with any type of heater element. Additionally the SOLAR KERBEROS system can be used to charge batteries e.g. for LED lighting or in combination with DC/AC converter to back up the power supply of essential appliances (circulation pumps of solid fuel heaters, gas heaters, emergency lighting, etc.). The SOLAR KERBEROS control unit could be connected to a superior system using communication interface (intelligent houses, smart grids). It can work independently and also without a power supply.

After passing through the Fusing and Protection, the energy from the photovoltaic modules enters the SOLAR KERBEROS unit where it is processed by DC / DC converter by tracking the Maximum Power Point (MPP) to ensure the maximal utilization of solar energy. This energy is primarily used for water heating in the water heater. After reaching the set temperature the energy is switched to charging, either to charge the appliances battery or the battery backup.

It can charge both, the DC appliances as well as the AC ones via a DC / AC inverter. It is advantageous for backing up essential appliances such as circulation pumps, gas boilers, etc.