Who are we? - About company

UNITES Systems a.s.

We are a private Czech company which has been on the market for more than twenty-five years.  Our seat is in Valašské Meziříčí. We develop and produce measuring and testing technology (testers and their components) and we also provide services in this field. Further, we are engaged in custom development and electronics production, soldering and assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs) in different areas of automotive, aviation and space industry.   

When developing innovative solutions, or simply working on any project, we have been leaning on a highly-motivated team of excellent developers and engineers with extensive experience. To give an example, we have developed the fastest tester in the world. It is a tester for testing discrete components and it was successfully launched onto the market of Japan, China and Southeast Asia.    
In the recent years, we have been pursuing an area of energy savings in which we can apply experience and knowledge of our developers. A dominant product of this area has been so far a system SOLAR KERBEROS, but we can also mention,  for example,  an intelligent thermostat, developed for boilers,  which saves energy during electric storage water heating. Meaningfulness and usefulness of our products for energy saving has been proven by a number of awards given on fairs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where the most significant of are a double award of Zlatý Ampér prize for SOLAR KERBEROS in 2014 and for the intelligent thermostat E1 in 2012.