short payback period

Water heating is usually one of the highest energy costs of a household. Thanks to the high water storage capacity and the low cost of the entire system, the payback is much shorter than for photovoltaic power plants with batteries.

Short payback



Compatible with most water heater

If you already have a boiler, you probably won't have to change it. It is enough that the heater has power input 2000 - 2500W, and you can use it. If your boiler has a different heating element, it can usually be easily replaced by a heating element with the required power.




Quick and easy installation in one day

Installation is usually done in one day. It depends on the specific situation. Construction systems for the installation of panels exist for all types of roofs and all types of roofing material. Unlike photothermal collectors, photovoltaic panels are connected by thin, flexible cables. There is no need to use waterproof the insulated pipes.

Quick and easy installation



The easiest and cheapest accumulation of PV energy

Water heating is alternative storage of solar energy, and the boiler is a great accumulator – a 200-liter boiler can accumulate approximately 10kWh of energy. Compare the costs with the price of battery storage of such capacity!


Thecheapiest accumulation



Low acquisition costs

The water heating system does not contain a mains converter or batteries, and no special permit is required. Installation is usually uncomplicated and takes little time. Therefore, the purchase price of the system is low and has a quick return.

Low acquisition cost




Considerable reduction of water heating bill

Every person needs hot water every day. Reduce your energy bills with the sun! The price of energy is continuously rising, and with Solar Kerberos you can save a significant portion of your household costs. 


Reduction of bill



zero operating costs

Solar Kerberos has zero operating costs. It does not even have to be connected to the mains for its operation. It is used for backing-up heating in case of a lack of sunlight.
Photothermal solar systems, on the other hand, require a control unit and a circulation pump to operate. Without electrical energy, they do not work, and there is a risk of degradation of the heat transfer fluid due to stagnation. The antifreeze fluid must be regularly checked, topped up, and replaced.


Zerooperating cost



Patented Czech product

Solar Kerberos was developed and is manufactured by the Czech company UNITES Systems a.s. Installation technicians are trained directly by the manufacturer and have direct contact with the technical department. Solar Kerberos is a unique solution and protected by patent.